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The founding fathers of Mediterranan diet: Alberto Fidanza, Flaminio Fidanza, Ancel Keys e Paul Dudley White

There’s a very strong “brand” that could enhance the Fermano lands by giving them unity. It is the mark of the Mediterranean Diet, with its health, agricultural, gastronomic, tourism, landscape, historical-ar- chitectural effects. A heritage! Some towns already display it in road signs. It is an attractive mark wich belongs to us. The worldwide interest in food, and in “healthy lifestyle”, is on the rise, especially nowadays with the new environ- mental concerns and also with the arrival of a deadly virus that forces a new respect for nature and change in our personal attitudes . The concept of Mediterranean Diet originated from a group of inter- national scholars among which excelled prof. Flaminio Fidanza, one of the most important nutri- tionists of the modern era, in the course of the unsurpassed Seven Countries Study, a research that lasted 30 years. The spearhead of the group was constituted not only by Fidanza, but also by doctors Ancel Keys (University of Minnesota) and Paul D. White, cardiologist of the general – then President of the USA – Eisenhover.

Magliano di Tenna can boast, if not the place of birth, certainly the place where the very young Flaminio Fidanza lived (and where his remains rest) with his family who had moved to the Marche for the profession of the head of the family: doctor . Important family, with agricultural properties and with attention to its collaborators. Some young people were able study thanks to the support of the Fidanza.

It should also be said that Magliano di Tenna, together with Montegiorgio, where an important hospital operated: the “Diotallevi”, was the seat of a scientific study that anticipated and prepared that of the “Seven Countries”. For seven years, to relaunch that brand and what it represents and contains, was born the Piceno Laboratory of the Mediterranean Diet, based in Montegiorgio.