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At the north-west of the walls we find the major tower: “Porta da Bora” an ancient fortified access to the castle. Given the considerable size we are in favor of recognizing its function as the control tower of the entire complex. The original construction dates back to around the 13th century together with seven other alleged towers with a square plan which, over time, have been destroyed or remodeled. In its original function the Porta da Bora was divided into 3 different environments: an underground for the collection of water and foodstuffs, a central one for access and a defensive plan connected with the perimeter walls above.

In addition, the tower was equipped with a double defensive system: a passive one characterized by the drawbridge and an active one with the overlying system of loopholes and machicolations manned by armed soldiers. Today, however, there are 4 levels inside the tower. The lower and upper ones have remained identical, but the access passage to the ground floor has changed, since the need for the drawbridge was no longer needed, an extra floor was obtained at the height of the sliding seats of the chains that hoisted the bridge.